Haze Measurement using a UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

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UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

The haze measurement of a transparent sample describes the amount of light scattered when light passes through a transparent sample. The lower the haze measurement value, the higher the clarity of the sample indicating fewer impurities.

In this application note, the haze measurement value and total light transmittance in a sample of diffuser panels is reported, using measurement methods based on JIS, ISO, and ASTM standard procedures.

Diffuser plates
Diffuser plates


Figure 1 illustrates how the total transmittance (Tt), sample diffusion rate (T4), and scattering rate (T3) are obtained using an integrating sphere. The baseline spectrum is obtained using a white diffuse reference plate (1) and the light scattered by the instrument itself is measured (T3) in order to calibrate the spectrophotometer.

Haze value measurement setup and equations
Figure 1. Haze value measurement setup and equations.

The total light transmittance and sample diffusion of the sample is then measured and the haze value is calculated by the ratio of the two spectra:

Haze formula

Measurement Conditions
Bandwidth5 nmScan Speed400 nm/min
Response0.24 secData Interval1 nm
Light SourceD65View Angle


UV-0042, V-650/660/670, UV-Visible/NIR, Haze, Diffuse transmittance, Materials, Integrating sphere


The spectrum of the total light transmittance (τt) and the sample diffusion rate (τ4) of the quartz diffuser plates are shown in Figure 2. The calculated haze values are shown in Table 1. The spectra and haze values clearly indicate a difference in samples 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Transmittance spectra of six diffuser plate samples
Figure 2. Transmittance spectra of six diffuser plate samples.

Table 1. Calculated haze values for diffuser panels.

T3[%]Tt[%]T4[%]Td[%]Haze [%]

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