High Speed Separation of Components in Cold Medicine using UHPLC

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The main components of a common cold medicine includes acetoaminophen, anhydrous caffeine, hesperidine, ethenzamide, tipepidinehibenzate, andapronalid. We examined the applicability of an X-Press Pak C18S column (2.1mm .I.D. x 50mmL.) packed with 2µm diameter packing material for the ultra-high speed separation of the above medicines. The results were examined to determine whether the performance of the column and chromatography separation exceeds that of conventional HPLC.

JASCO X-LC system


The X-LC system utilized in this experiment wa sa JASCOX-LC system consisting of a 3185PU pump, 3080DG degasser, 3067CO column oven, 3070UV UV/Vis detector, 3059AS auto sampler and a chromatography data system.


Figure 1 shows the separation of a standard mixture including acetoaminophen (0.02mg / mL), anhydrouscaffeine (0.02mg / mL), phenol (for internal standard, 0.02mg/mL), hesperidine (0.02mg/mL), ethenzamide (0.02mg/mL), tipepidinehibenzate(0.02 mg/mL) andapronalid (0.1mg/mL).TheX-LC system provides an analysis time 6 times faster than conventional HPLC without sacrificing the resolution between each peak.

Figure1 Chromatogram of a standardmixture of components of cold medicines Peaks: 1 = acetoaminophen (0.02mg/mL), 2 = anhydrouscaffeine (0.02mg/mL), 3 = phenol(internalstandard,0.02mg/mL), 4 = hesperidin(0.02mg/mL), 5 = ethenzamide(0.02 mg/mL), 6 = tipepidinehibenzate(0.02mg/mL), and 7 = apronalid(0.1mg/mL) Chromatografic conditions: column = X-PressPak C18S (2.1mmI.D.x50mmL.) ,column temperature = 40ºC, mobile phase = methanol/0.1% phosphoric acid (40/60), flow rate = 0.5 mL/min, detection wave length = 260nm, injection volume = 1µL

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