High Speed Separation of Disulfiram using UHPLC

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Disulfiram is a drug used to treat chronic alcoholism by producing an acute sensitivity to alcohol. We examined the utility of an X-Press PakC18S column (2.1mm I.D. x 50mmL.) packed with 2µm diameter packing material for the ultra-high speed separation of the above drug. The results were examined to determine whether the performance of the column and chromatography separation exceed those of conventional HPLC.

JASCO X-LC system


The chromatography system utilized in this experiment was a JASCOX-LC system consisting of a 3185P UHPLC pump, 3080DG degasser, 3067CO column oven, 3070UV UV/Vis detector, Model 3059AS auto sampler and a chromatography data system.


Figure 1 shows the separation of a standard mixture of benzophenone (0.005mg/mL) and disulfiram (0.005mg/mL). The X-LC system provides an analysis time 7 times shorter than conventional HPLC while the resolution between the benzophenone and disulfiram was 5.4; the reproducibility of the peak ratio is 0.44%. These results well exceed those of conventional HPLC.

Figure 1 X-LC chromatogram of a standard mixture of benzophenone and disulfiram Peak :1 = benzophenone (0.005mg/mL), 2 = disulfiram (0.005mg/mL) Chromatographic conditions: Column = X-Press PakC18S (2.1mmI.D.x50mmL.), Mobile phase = CH3OH/H2O(70/30), Column temperature = 25 ºC, Flowrate = 0.6mL/min, Detection wavelength = 210 nm, Injection volume = 1 µL.

About the Author

Mr. Akao, is the Applications Group Manager at JASCO Corporation, with many years at the company working on applications in electronic and vibrational spectroscopy, and is an expert in IR and Raman spectroscopy.