Transmittance Near-field measurements in the UV-visible/NIR range at 0.1 to 1 µm spatial resolution

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Jasco NFS 300
Jasco NFS 300

Photoluminescence (PL) and electroluminescence (EL) measurements are standard techniques for evaluation of the crystallinity, functionality and luminescent mechanism of semiconductors. For these samples, near-field optical microscopy is the only effective method for characterization of the composition and distribution of luminescent centers on the nanometer scale.

In combination with a superconductive magnetic field, luminescent spectral measurements of the sample surface can be accomplished with nano-scale spatial resolution while applying temperatures as low as 7K and magnetic fields as high as 4 Tesla.

Luminescent Measurement of InGaN by NFS Series Scanning Near-Field Optical Microspectrometer

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Leah Pandiscia received her PhD from Drexel University where she studied Biophysical Chemistry. She is a Spectroscopy Applications Scientist.