Ultra High-Speed Analysis of Alkylphenones by UHPLC

Download PDF August 25, 2017


Alkylphenones are often used for evaluating HPLC systems because of their reasonable retention times on ODS columns and easy separation with a water/acetonitrile mobile phase.

This report outlines the ultra-high speed analysis of alkylphenones analysis by Ultra High-performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) using with a PDA detector (high-speed data acquisition of 100 spectra/sec).

X-LC system



Figure 1 3D chromatogram of an alkylphenone standard mixture containing 9 components. All of the alkylphenones were successfully separated and detected within 12 seconds.

Figure 1. 3D Chromatogram of standard alkylphenones.

1: Acetanilide, 2: Acetophenone,3: Propiophenone, 4: Butyrophenone, 5: Benzophenone, 6: Valerophenone, 7: Hexanophenone, 8: Heptanophenone, 9: Octanophenone.

About the Author

Satoko Suzuki is a senior manager of the molecular spectroscopy applications laboratory at the JASCO facility in Hachioji Japan.