FTIR Sample Analysis

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SpectroscopyThis two-day course will discuss FTIR sample preparation for transmission and reflection methods of sample analysis. From theory to the essentials of data manipulation, this course will appeal to all FTIR users.

Accessories and Techniques for FTIR Sample Analysis:

  • Theory of Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Principles of Fourier Transform (FTIR)
  • Introduction to sample analysis

Infrared Analysis Methods:

  • Infrared transmission
  • Infrared reflection accessories

Library Searching and Data Manipulation:

  • Library database search procedures and electronic data manipulation – why, when and how

Infrared Reflection Accessories:

  • Infrared reflection accessories, analysis methods

FTIR Microscopy:

  • Sample analysis using FTIR Microscopy

Laboratory Exercises:

  • Hands-on exercises – examination of various sample accessories

Application training is for JASCO instrument owners/users only.