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Polarimetry Application TrainingThis intensive one-day training course will introduce Polarimetry measurements, outline common sample handling methods and provide guidance on the JASCO Spectra Manager™ software for instrument control and data analysis functions. This course is designed for all levels of P-1000/2000 instrument users.

Theory of Polarimetry:

  • The JASCO P-1000/2000 series instruments – use and maintenance
  • Sampling applications of Polarimetry

Overview of Spectra Manager™ Software:

  • Instrument control: Polarimeter Measurement, Time Course
  • Polarimeter Analysis: data processing commands & output

Hands-On Exercises:

  • A simple Polarimeter data collection
  • Optimization of Polarimetry data collection
  • Liquid sample accessories, Peltier sample accessories

Application training is for JASCO Instrument owners/users only.