Deformation constraints of graphene oxide nanochannels under reverse osmosis

February 24, 2023


Deformation constraints of graphene oxide nanochannels under reverse osmosis


Kecheng Guan, Yanan Guo, Zhan Li, Yuandong Jia, Qin Shen, Keizo Nakagawa, Tomohisa Yoshioka, Gongping Liu, Wanqin Jin & Hideto Matsuyama




Nature Communications


Nanochannels in laminated graphene oxide nanosheets featuring confined mass transport have attracted interest in multiple research fields. The use of nanochannels for reverse osmosis is a prospect for developing next-generation synthetic water-treatment membranes. The robustness of nanochannels under high-pressure conditions is vital for effectively separating water and ions with sub-nanometer precision. Although several strategies have been developed to address this issue, the inconsistent response of nanochannels to external conditions used in membrane processes has rarely been investigated. In this study, we develop a robust interlayer channel by balancing the associated chemistry and confinement stability to exclude salt solutes. We build a series of membrane nanochannels with similar physical dimensions but different channel functionalities and reveal their divergent deformation behaviors under different conditions. The deformation constraint effectively endows the nanochannel with rapid deformation recovery and excellent ion exclusion performance under variable pressure conditions. This study can help understand the deformation behavior of two-dimensional nanochannels in pressure-driven membrane processes and develop strategies for the corresponding deformation constraints regarding the pore wall and interior.




nano-channels, nanosheet,