Ion-cluster-mediated ultrafast self-healable ionoconductors for reconfigurable electronics

July 21, 2022


Ion-cluster-mediated ultrafast self-healable ionoconductors for reconfigurable electronics


Yong Min Kim, Jin Han Kwon, Seonho Kim, U Hyeok Choi & Hong Chul Moon




Nature Communications


Implementing self-healing capabilities in a deformable platform is one of the critical challenges for achieving future wearable electronics with high durability and reliability. Conventional systems are mostly based on polymeric materials, so their self-healing usually proceeds at elevated temperatures to promote chain flexibility and reduce healing time. Here, we propose an ion-cluster-driven self-healable ionoconductor composed of rationally designed copolymers and ionic liquids. After complete cleavage, the ionoconductor can be repaired with high efficiency (∼90.3%) within 1 min even at 25 °C, which is mainly attributed to the dynamic formation of ion clusters between the charged moieties in copolymers and ionic liquids. By taking advantages of the superior self-healing performance, stretchability (∼1130%), non-volatility (over 6 months), and ability to be easily shaped as desired through cutting and re-assembly protocol, reconfigurable, deformable light-emitting electroluminescent displays are successfully demonstrated as promising electronic platforms for future applications.


V-730, LC-4000


wearable electronics, electroluminescent, SEC