Biochemical similarity between cultured chondrocytes and in situ chondrocytes by chemometric analysis from FTIR microspectroscopy

2019 / Biotechnology Reports

Background aims Fourier Transform Infrared Micro-spectroscopy (FTIRM) is an emerging tool that obtains images with biochemical information of samples that …

Carlos Morillo

Zwitterionic PMMA-r-PEGMA-r-PSBMA copolymers for the formation of anti-biofouling bicontinuous membranes by the VIPS process

2020 / Journal of Membrane Science

Zwitterionic modifications have been widely investigated to endow surfaces of membranes with fouling resistance. However, the approaches reported are mostly …

Carlos Morillo

Graphene oxide functionalized with zwitterionic copolymers as selective layers in hybrid membranes with high pervaporation performance

2019 / Journal of Membrane Science

Zwitterionic copolymers, poly(glycidyl methacrylate-sulfobetaine methacrylate) [poly(GMA-SBMA)], was incorporated into graphene oxide (GO) to form a GO–poly(GMA-SBMA) framework. This compound was …

Carlos Morillo

Synergetic effect of cross-linking and interfacial interaction in carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic to enhance its tensile strength by electron-beam irradiation

2019 / Carbon Letters

A carbon fber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) was irradiated with a high energy electron-beam. As a result, the tensile strength of …

Carlos Morillo

Synthesis, Photochromic Properties, and Crystal Structures of Salts Containing a Pyridinium-Fused Spiropyran: Positive and Negative Photochromism in the Solution and Solid State

2020 / The Journal of Physical chemistry. B

Salts containing the merocyanine form of a pyridinium-fused spiropyran ([6′-MC]X; X = I and PF6) were prepared, and their crystal …

Carlos Morillo

Measurement of the diffusion coefficient and hydrogen bonds of water in a dry-protective solution by microscopic near-infrared spectroscopy

2020 / Food and Bioproducts Processing

The water diffusion coefficients in highly concentrated ε-poly-l-lysine (PLL) and the disaccharides trehalose and sucrose were obtained by measuring the …

Carlos Morillo

Infrared Evaluation of Enantiometric Amount and Application to Racemization at the Interface Between L- and D-Alanine

2018 / Applied Spectroscopy, Volume: 72 issue: 7, page(s): 1074-1079 Article first published online: April 20, 2018; Issue published: July 1, 2018

Amino acids, except for glycine, have two types of molecular structures, L- and D-forms, which are enantiomers. As the L- …

John Burchell