HPLC Sample Vial Kit

We are offering a FREE Sample Vial Kit, which contains eleven different types of sample vials for use with any autosampler.

JASCO Vials and Septa are designed and manufactured for HPLC, SFC, GC, LC/MS and SFC/MS applications, according to sample type and volume. Specific features include:

  • Glass insert vials have a poly-spring.
  • Septum can be selected with or without slit.
  • Wide opening vials make sample insertion and collection easy.
  • Glass vials can be labeled for sample identification.
  • Ultra clean septum cap is recommended for high sensitivity measurements.
  • Vials are a common size (12 × 32 mm in LC and GC) can be used regardless of instrument manufacturer.
  • A septum is preset in caps.

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