Tandem LC-MS System Configurations

LC-4000/4500 Series

LC/SFC Drivers for SCIEX Analyst® Software


  • Simultaneous control of SCIEX mass spectrometer and JASCO HPLC and SFC.
  • Build versatile LC-MS/MS and SFC-MS/MS systems.
  • High-sensitivity and high-throughput for a wide range of samples.
  • Supports LC-4000, 4500 (and previous models), LC-3000, 2000, 1500 Series.

SCIEX Mass Spectrometers

API 3200™, Triple Quad™ (3500, 4500, 5500, 6500+)

  • Triple quad mass spectrometer with modern, robust, and straightforward design
  • Known for accurate quantitation and Turbo VTM ion source, you can develop powerful methods for complex matrixes

QTRAP® (3200, 4500, 5500, 6500+)

  • Unique tandem mass spectrometer with the hybrid capability of a triple quad for quantitation and linear ion trap for identification

JASCO LC and SFC systems are compatible with SCIEX Triple Quad™ and QTRAP® Mass Spectrometers. JASCO LC/SFC drivers offer integrated control with SCIEX Analyst® Software.

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