LVI-4000 large volume injector (LVI) syringe based automatic sample injector for HPLC and SFC

LVI-4000 Large Volume Injector

The LVI-4000 large volume injector (LVI) is a syringe based automatic sample injection device designed for use with preparative High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Preparative Super Critical Fluid Chromatography (SFC). The LVI is used for repeated multiple injection of the same sample with either sequential or stacked injection.


  • Sample Loop Injection with two injection methods: Full Loop and Partial Loop Injection . Normally, partial loop injection is selected for both preparative HPLC and preparative SFC.
  • Standard sample loop volume 5 mL (options up to 20mL)
  • Using partial loop injection the entire sample is loaded in the sample loop and injected without sample loss.
  • Syringe metering with high injection volume reproducibility.
  • Minimum injection cycle time is less than 30 seconds and provides high throughput (under designated conditions – Partial Loop Injection, 1 mL injection volume).
  • 1 to 999 repeat sample injections can be performed in one step of an analysis sequence.
  • Controlled using ChromNAV 2.0 or SF-NAV CDS systems