Laser Output Switching

3-stage switching by software

Wavenumber Range

3,000 to 200 cm-1


CMOS image sensor

Resolution (@ 1000 cm-1)

3 cm-1/pixel 

Laser (Class 3B Laser Safety)


785 nm

Laser Power

50 mW

Laser Power Settings

Low: 5 mW

Medium: 25 mW

High: 50 mw

Installation Requirements

System Requirements

PC or Laptop computer operating with Windows 11 Pro 64 bit

Spectra Manager™ 2.5

Operating Environment 

15°C to 35°C

Storage Environment 

0°C to 50°C

Low humidity (above dew point)

Power Supply 

Does not include a battery,  power is provided by a USB and DC-USB cables*

*both power supply cables are required

Size and Weight



800 g