Specular Reflectance Accessories

For V-700 Series UV-visible/NIR Spectrophotometers

Specular Reflectance Accessory

specular reflectance accessory

The SLM-907  specular reflectance accessory measures the relative reflectance of a sample in comparison with the light reflected from an aluminum-deposited reference plane mirror. It is typically used for the reflectance measurement of sample types such as: metal-deposited films, metal plating, and other thin films. Film thickness can be calculated using the film thickness analysis program in Spectra Manager.


Wavelength Range250 to 1000 nm (V-730 UV-visible)
200 to 900 nm (V-750/760 UV-visible)
200 to 2700 nm (V-770 UV-visible/NIR)
200 to 1600 nm (V-780 UV-visible/NIR)
Sample SizeSample

Minimum 10 x 10 mm
Maximum 100 x 120 mm


Minimum 10 x 10 mm
Maximum 20 x 20 mm
Beam Port Diameter7 mm (4 mm, 2 mm as option)
Angle of IncidenceApprox. 5° (standard) other angles available on request.
Reflection ReferenceAluminum-deposited plane mirror (Standard mirror)

Optional Accessories:

  • Polarizer (GPH-506)
  • Application program (film thickness calculation program, etc.)
  • Sample stage with 2-mm-dia. port
  • Sample stage with 4-mm-dia. port

MSK-001 Sample Stage with 2-mm-dia. Port
MSK-002 Sample Stage with 4-mm-dia. Port

MSK-001 Sample Stage with 2-mm-dia.portMSK-002 Sample stage with 4-mm-dia.port
Diameter of Port:2mmDiameter of port:4mm
Sample Size:Minimum 3x3 mmSample size:Minimum 5x5 mm
Maximum 50x50 mmMaximum 50x50 mm

SLM-908 Accessory for 6-inch Silicon Wafers (V-750/760/770/780)