Color Analysis

VWCD-960 | Color Evaluation – Color Diagnosis
Comprehensive color analysis software with calculations to several different color standards including ASTM, ISO and JIS. Color and color differences are calculated from an absorbance spectrum measured from 380-780 nm.  Chromaticity coordinates are plotted in the selected color system. Comparison can also be made to previously measured color spectra.

VWCM-795 | Computer Color Matching Analysis
Match a spectrum with a target color using a library created with the Computer Color Matching Library program. The Color Matching Library program allows a total of 16 reference color spectra to be registered, edited, deleted, and displayed. All color matching calculation parameters, such as selecting the reference color library, color system, color matching function, standard observer, and light source, can be user defined.

VWAC-796 | ASTM Color Analysis
Calculate the sum of the tristimulus values (X, Y, Z) and optical density from a sample absorbance, reflectance, or transmittance spectrum and obtain the ASTM color. The ASTM color, sum of optical densities, and tristimulus values are all reported. The ASTM color analysis can only be performed in the wavelength range between 380 to 780 nm.

VWSC-797 | Saybolt Color Analysis
Calculate the Saybolt color of a sample spectrum for wavelengths between 380 to 780 nm, according to the XYZ color system described by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).

VWLU-963 | Luminous Color Measurement
Measure the luminescence spectrum for a sample and calculate its chromaticity using the Luminous Color Analysis program, pass/fail criteria can also be included. To correct for the spectrophotometer’s instrument characteristics (i.e. wavelength-dependent grating efficiencies and detector sensitivities), spectral correction can be made using a standard light source.
*not for use with the V-730