Interval Measurement

VVWIS-957 | Interval Scan Measurement
Measure changes with time for sample absorbance at up to four wavelengths, as well as for a selected wavelength range. The measurement time interval can also be set in either minutes or seconds for up to 24 days of continuous measurement (maximum time interval is 1 day). Up to 60,000 spectra can be saved in a single interval scan measurement file.

VWTS-958 | Temperature Interval Scan Measurement
Measure spectral scans at selected temperature intervals. Temperature-dependent data can also be monitored at up to four wavelengths with a temperature ramp range from 0.1 to 10ºC/min, depending on the type of temperature controlled cell holder. The sample temperature can be monitored and/or controlled either using the cell holder sensor or a temperature probe inserted into the cell. Stirring may be available depending on the cell holder.