Material Analysis

VWSD-961 | Spectrum Diagnosis
Perform data processing with pass/fail evaluation on a measured spectrum based on photometric values at a specified wavelength, full width at half maximum, peak photometric values, peak wavelengths etc. Sequential measurements can also be carried out on multiples samples, each of which can be assigned different sample measurement parameters.

VWTN-768 | Film Thickness and Refractive Index
Measure the film thickness and refractive index from the transmittance spectrum of the thin film.

VWML-791 | Multi-Layer Film Thickness Analysis
Use a reflectance spectra and select a multilayer model to calculate the refractive index (n), extinction coefficient (k), and layer thickness (d) of an unknown layer(s) using a least square method. Standard libraries are included for metals, semiconductors and isolators. The user can also create their own library.

VWBG-773 | Band Gap Calculation
Calculate the band gap of a semiconductor sample from its transmission spectrum. The following calculation methods can be selected: (ahn)1/2, a2 (Direct transition), a1/2 (Indirect transition: allowed), a1/3 (Indirect transition: forbidden).