Materials Analysis

VWSD-961 | Spectrum Diagnosis
Perform data processing with pass/fail evaluation on a measured spectrum based on photometric values at specified wavelength(s), full-width at half-maximum, peak photometric values, peak wavelengths etc. Sequential measurements can also be carried out on multiples samples, each of which can be assigned different sample measurement parameters.

VWTN-768 | Film Thickness and Refractive Index
Measure the film thickness and refractive index from the transmittance spectrum of the thin film.

VWML-791 | Multi-Layer Film Thickness Analysis
Use a reflectance spectra and select a multilayer model to calculate the refractive index (n), extinction coefficient (k), and layer thickness (d) of an unknown layer(s) using a least square method. Standard libraries are included for metals, semiconductors and isolators. The user can also create their own library.

VWBG-773 | Band Gap Calculation
Calculate the band gap of a semiconductor sample from its transmission spectrum. The following calculation methods can be selected: (ahn)1/2, a2 (Direct transition), a1/2 (Indirect transition: allowed), a1/3 (Indirect transition: forbidden).