Chiral Analysis of Flurbiprofen using a Circular Dichroism Detector

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Flurbiprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and used as a topical medical patch or an internal medicine. The S enantiomer of flurbiprofen, accounts for the majority of the pharmacological activity.

The Circular Dichroism detector is well known for its high accuracy and selectivity for chiral analysis of compounds that have chromophores close to the chiral center. Both CD and UV signal are measured simultaneously and spectral scanning can be used to optimize the wavelength of interest, which is important in the measurement of chiral compounds. Not only can the CD detector help differentiate between two enantiomers, but it can also distinguish between achiral impurities and enantiomers of interest.


Fig. 1 shows the chromatograms of the racemic flurbiprofen standard. Fig. 2 CD and UV spectra (measured using stopped-flow).

Chromatogram of Flurbiprofen standard, spectral measurement

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