Evaluation of Polysilicon

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Raman Spectrometers

NRS Series Raman Spectrometers
Jasco NRS Series Raman Spectrometers

Raman spectroscopy is also effective in evaluating the crystallinity of polysilicon used in Thin Film Transistor (TFT) substrates in LCDs, solar cells and other devices. The peak position and half width analysis of the Raman bands demonstrate a correlation with crystallinity and particle size. The figure shows the results of mapping measurements for polysilicon on a glass substrate and then measuring the distribution of peak positions and half widths. Information on the crystallinity and the heterogeneity of particle size was obtained.

About the Author

Leah Pandiscia received her PhD from Drexel University where she studied Biophysical Chemistry. She is a Spectroscopy Applications Scientist at JASCO.