Field-Rugged FTIR Microscope for On-Site Analysis

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Field-Rugged FTIR Microscopy System (VIR-9000 series with the IRT-1000VIR)

JASCO VIR-9000 Series
VIR-9000 Field-rugged FTIR Series

A portable FT/IR microscopy system has been designed by coupling the VIR-9000 series portable FTIR spectrometer with the IRT-1000VIR in-compartment microscope. This analysis system is compact and lightweight for field operations. Rather than taking the samples from the field to the lab for analysis, this system provides micro-FTIR analysis on-site, wherever the sample may be located. Optional ATR objectives allow rapid and simple measurements without extensive sample preparation. Three types of ATR objectives, ZnSe, Ge, and Diamond ATR elements make it possible to measure a wide variety of samples, such as hard solid samples and/or high refractive index substances including carbon filled compounds.

Contaminant Analysis in the Field

Portable FT/IR

The figure shows contaminant analysis in the field using the VIR-9000 Series portable FTIR spectrometer with the IRT-1000VIR compact IR microscope using a diamond ATR objective. The contaminant is Polyethylene.

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