Spectra Manager™

Instrument Control
Drivers are included to control each spectroscopy instrument and parameter dialogs allow easy editing of pre-saved parameter files. Data acquired from each instrument is automatically loaded into the analysis program to free up the PC and control software to acquire more data during post acquisition processing. Each instrument driver also has its own dedicated application for instrument hardware diagnostics and validation.

Flexible Display Features
User-friendly features include overlay printing in colors and patterns, autoscale mode, and style and font, as well as customized toolbars.

Data processing and Spectral Analysis
View and process several types of measurement data files (UV-Visible/NIR, FTIR, Fluorescence, CD) in a single window, using a full range of data processing functions. Features include arithmetic operations, derivatives, peak detection and processing, smoothing, and baseline correction.

Report Publishing
JASCO Canvas allows users to create layout templates of spectral data and results to meet individual reporting requirements.

Macro Command Option
This software can be used to develop user-designed application programs for individual experimental set-up and routine measurements, including instrument control, data acquisition, post-acquisition data processing and reporting.

Secure Access with Spectra Manager™ CFR
Spectra Manager™ CFR provides secure access and compliance with 21 CFR Part II. System access requires a username and password, which are assigned by the Workgroup Manager. Individual levels determine the access to administrative tools that include instrument and analysis application installation, user and workgroup setup, security policies, as well as system and application history logs. Three levels of electronic signatures are required, including creation, review, and approval stages. An audit trail is assigned to every data file, recording any spectral data processing.