FTIR Linear Array Microscope for Qualitative Analysis of Semiconductor Contaminants

Download PDF August 23, 2022


Rapid IR imaging using a linear array FTIR microscope

IMV-4000, FT/IR-4000 and FT/IR-6000

The IMV-4000 Linear Array FTIR Microscope can be easily interfaced with any FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 instruments offering an advanced infrared (IR) imaging system. The IMV-4000 allows IR imaging with extremely high spatial resolution and excellent sensitivity using a linear array MCT detector. The IMV-4000 rapid scanning mechanism accomplishes the IR imaging of a 100 x 100 µm area in just 1.6 seconds. In addition, a single MCT element is included as a standard detector for point measurements to be used for maximum sensitivity. This system is a very powerful tool to detect contaminants in a silicon wafer, providing a spectral signature of the contaminant.

IR Imaging of a Patterned Silicon Wafer

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About the Author

Dr. Carlos Morillo received his Post Doc at Advanced Industrial Science & Technology in Fukuoka and was a Research Scientist at Kyushu University in Japan where he lived for several years. Carlos received his Doctor of Engineering from Kyushu University and his Masters and BS from Simon Bolivar University in Caracas Venezuela. He is an Applications Scientist at JASCO.