X-Series FTIR Spectrometers


The FT/IR-4X is a powerful Mid-IR FTIR spectrometer, with many features that you find in a research-grade instrument, such as non-hygroscopic KRS-5 windows to prevent damage to the interferometer, a temperature-controlled DLaTGS detector and a high output ceramic source for maximum sensitivity. Permanent optical alignment is guaranteed by corner cube (retro-reflective) mirrors with auto-alignment for maximum energy.


The FT/lR-6X FTIR spectrometer with a 28° Michelson interferometer and diode timing laser is an excellent choice for more demanding research applications, where higher throughput, better polarization performance, or a more flexible approach to samples and measurement are required.


FT/IR-8X is JASCO’s most advanced FTIR spectrometer to date with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (55,000: 1) and the highest resolution (0.07 cm-1). The FT/IR-8X is a highly configurable optical system that applies to virtually any FTIR application, from simple Mid IR measurement to much more complex analysis in the near and far IR. Research-based measurements are easily performed using the FT/lR-8X spectrometers with options such as emission port optics, external detectors, full vacuum, and step scan.