High Speed, High Resolution Analysis of Alkylphenones Using a Longer UHPLC Column at Elevated Pressures (120 MPa)

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Jasco XLC-3000
Jasco UHPLC System

In UHPLC one of the problems associated with taking advantage of the increased theoretical plates and higher resolution offered by longer columns packed with sub 2um phases is the extremely high back pressure at higher flow rates. This is made worse when water/methanol or water/ethanol mobile phases are used for gradient elution; even higher pressure will be caused by the increases in viscosity. To overcome these potential problems JASCO now offers the UHPLC system that can operate under the extremely high pressures up to 130 Mpa (19,500 psi). In this application note the JASCO X-LC-130 system was used for the fast analysis of alkylphenones using a sub 2um column with 150mm length at 1mL/min and with high column operating pressure (120 MPa).



Pump:X-LC 3185PU-130
Degasser:X-LC 3080DG
Column oven:X-LC 3067CO
Autosampler:X-LC 3159AS-130
Detector:X-LC 3110MD


Column:ZORBAX RRHD SB-C18 (2.1 mmID x 150 mmL, 1.8 µm)
Eluent:Water/Acetonitrile (30/70)
Flow rate:1.0 mL/min
Column Temp.:40 ºC
Wavelength:254 nm
Injection Volume:1 µL
Column Pressure:120 MPa
Standard Sample:Acetanilide, Acetophenone, Propiophenone, Butyrophenone Valerophenone, Hexanophenone, Heptanophenone, Octanophenone (2 µg/mL each)


UHPLC, alkylphenones, 130 MPa, 1.8 µm, C18 column, PDA detector


A chromatogram and contour plot of the standard mixture of alkylphenones are shown in Fig. 1. The 8 alkylphenones were separated in under 2 minutes with complete baseline separation.

Fig. 1. Chromatogram of a Standard Mixture of Alkylphenones.

About the Author

Mr. Tamura is a member of the applications team with a specialty in vibrational spectroscopy and particularly Raman and IR Imaging. He is also one of our experts in gas analysis by FTIR.