Optical Evaluation of Write Spots in a CD-R by Transmittance Measurement

Download PDF May 4, 2017


Jasco NFS 300
Jasco NFS 300

Crystal anisotropy of materials, optical rotatory power, and dynamics under a magnetic field are known to affect polarization of transmitted light through certain materials. In practical applications, they are used for high-density recording and display devices. Combining a polarization maintaining fiber probe and the transmission option of the JASCO Near-Field System, a sample was irradiated by a linear polarized beam or a circularly polarized beam and the polarization state of the transmitted light was analyzed. The anisotropy for the sample observed in the nanoscale.

About the Author

Leah Pandiscia received her PhD from Drexel University where she studied Biophysical Chemistry. She is a Spectroscopy Applications Scientist at JASCO.