Assay of honey freshness by a novel optical technique

February 1, 2022


Assay of honey freshness by a novel optical technique


Alireza Mashhadi, Ali Bavali & Farzad Mokhtari




Scientific Reports


Assay of Maillard reaction products (e.g. furosine) is a reputable method for determination of the honey freshness. In this report, novel optical technique is proposed for real-time measurement of the changes of furosine content in honey. The method is based on the unidirectional energy transfer between two peaks of the doubled-peak fluorescence spectrum as secondary inner filter effect (2nd-IFE) in a specific arrangement of the laser induced fluorescence (LIF) setup. Proper optical parameters are defined accordingly, and affirmed to be dependent on the content of furosine in honey. It is shown that the introduced parameters are not sensitive to the LIF intensity fluctuations induced by the ambient noises and particularly alter due to the 2nd-IFE. Furosine level of 8 honey types with different botanical origin were chemically determined before and after the 1 year storage, and compared with the values of the devised spectral parameters. Proofs conducted that the proposed technique can be utilized for evaluation of the honey freshness.




Maillard, energy transfer,