Exploiting oleuropein for inhibiting collagen fibril formation

July 28, 2017


Exploiting oleuropein for inhibiting collagen fibril formation


H. Bharathy, N. Nishad Fathima




International Journal of Biological Macromolecules


Collagen fibrils accumulate in excessive amounts and impair the normal functioning of the organ; therefore it stimulates the interest for identifying the compounds that could prevent the formation of fibrils. Herein, inhibition of self-assembly of collagen using oleuropein has been studied. The changes in the physico-chemical characteristics of collagen on interaction with increasing concentration of oleuropein has been studied using techniques like viscosity, UV-Vis, CD and FT-IR. The inhibitory effect of oleuropein on fibril formation of collagen was proved using SEM. Circular dichroism and FT-IR spectra elucidates the alterations in the secondary structure of collagen suggesting non-covalent interactions between oleuropein and collagen. The decreased rate of collagen fibril formation also confirms the inhibition in the self-assembly of collagen. So, our study suggests that inhibition of the self-assembly process using oleuropein may unfold new avenues to treat fibrotic diseases.




Circular dichroism, Secondary structure, Chemical stability, Biochemistry