High-temperature and Abrasion Resistant Metal-insulator-metal Metamaterials

October 12, 2021


High-temperature and Abrasion Resistant Metal-insulator-metal Metamaterials


Yanpei Tian, Lijuan Qian, Xiaojie Liu, Alok Ghanekar, Jun Liu, Thomas Thundat, Gang Xiao, Yi Zheng




Materials Today Energy


Selective solar absorbers with high performance are the key to concentrated solar power systems. Optical metamaterials are emerging as a promising strategy to enhance selective photon absorption, however, the high-temperat-ure stability (>500◦C) remains as one of the main challenges for practical applications. Here, a multilayered metamaterial system (Al2O3/W/SiO2/W) based on metal-insulator-metal Fabry-Pérot resonance effect has been demonstrated with high solar absorptance over 92%, low thermal emittance loss below 6% (100◦C blackbody), and significant high-temperature thermal stability: it has been proved that the optical performance remains 94% after 1-hour thermal annealing under ambient environment up to 500◦C, and 94% after 96-hour thermal cycle test at 400◦C. Outdoor tests demonstrate that a peak temperature rise (193.5◦C) can be achieved with unconcentrated solar irradiance and surface abrasion resistance test yields that selective solar absorbers have a robust resistance to abrasion attack for engineering applications.




Metal-insulator-metal materials, Al2O3, SiO2, blackbody, solar, absorbers