Digital Polarimeter

P-2000 WI

P-2000 WI Digital Polarimeter

The P-2000 WI system includes a tungsten halogen lamp and 589 nm inference filter for routine pharmaceutical measurements with the flexibility to add additional filters as applications and needs grow.

Available interference filters: 880, 633, 589, 578, 546, 436, 405, 365, 334, 325 nm

All P-2000 digital polarimeters are iRM and PC compatible and 21CFR Part 11 optional. 

P-2000 Series Models

  • P-2000

    Mercury lamp for applications in the UV region

    P-2000 Hg

  • P-2000

    Discrete sodium 589 nm D-line

    P-2000 Na+

  • P-2000

    Tungsten halogen lamp for applications in the visible region

    P-2000 WI