The IRT-5000/7000 Series has a choice of standard detectors and a wide range of optional detectors. An optional second detector can be installed with either a fixed detector or the SDC-5000 detector-cassette system for interchangeable detectors. The optional detectors cover the wavelength range from the visible (silicon photodiode), near-IR (InSb or InGaAs) to mid-IR (narrow, mid and wide band MCT). The far-IR can be covered with a custom bolometer.

Optional Detectors

Listed below are the optional detectors either for installation as a fixed detector or using the interchangeable SDC-5000 detector cassette system.

Fixed DetectorDescription
NMCT-5000Narrow-band MCT detector (5,000 - 750 cm-1)
WMCT-5000Wide-band MCT detector (7,800 - 450 cm-1)
TGS-5000DLaTGS detector (7,800 - 400 cm-1)
INSB-5000InSb detector (15,000 - 1,850 cm-1)
IGA-5000InGaAs detector (12,000 - 4,000 cm-1)
Exchangeable DetectorDescription
NMCT-5000CNarrow-band MCT detector (5,000 - 750 cm-1)
WMCT-5000CWide-band MCT detector (7,800 - 450 cm-1)
TGS-5000CDLaTGS detector (7,800 - 400 cm-1)
INSB-5000CInSb detector (15,000 - 1,850 cm-1)
IGA-5000CInGaAs detector (12,000 - 4,000 cm-1)