IRT Microscope Software

  • Spectra Manager™

    Spectra Manager™ is a cross-platform suite of spectroscopy software for designing experimental methods, acquiring data, and processing results. This comprehensive package for controlling an entire range of molecular spectroscopy instrumentation eliminates the need for multiple software packages. Use the Folder function to find files by folder directory or use the Search function to find files within a folder directory based on keywords, username, date created, or instrument.

  • IR Microscope Measurement Software

    The IR Microscope Measurement program has five principal functions: Observation, Navigation, Imaging, Mapping, and Analysis. Navigate around samples by doubling-clicking with the standard cursor, clicking and dragging with the arrow cursor, using the optional joystick, using the thumbnail display, using the sub-map display, or using the multi-window display. Samples can be viewed as a single field image or a multi image, which provides a broad area image synthesized from a collection of single field images obtained using the automatic XYZ stage. IQ Monitor can be used to survey the multi image for potential measurement points, which can then be registered for automatic measurement with IQ Mapping. The spectra being acquired, together with a functional group mapping image, can be displayed in real-time. The spectral data and optical images can be saved together in a single file, which can then be opened in the IR Microscope Analysis software for further analysis.

  • IR Microscope Analysis Software

    The Spectra Manager™ Micro Imaging Analysis program has many data processing functions for spectra as well as tools for creating and viewing a chemical image. The user can create a chemical image by cursor operation in the viewed spectrum and peak height or peak area is used to identify and visualize the distribution of functional groups.

In contrast to the basic software package, which provides comprehensive functionality of the IRT Series of FTIR microscopes, optional software provides a customizable approach, allowing users to select and integrate only the features that best align with their research objectives and experimental requirements. This adaptability makes optional FTIR microscopy software a valuable asset for those looking to tailor their analytical workflows, extract more detailed information from complex samples, conduct specialized experiments, or gain a deeper understanding of intricate microscale structures and chemical compositions. From advanced data processing algorithms to specialized imaging techniques and spectral analysis tools, the optional FTIR microscopy software expands the horizons of what can be achieved beyond the capabilities of the basic software package, whether in academia, industry, or interdisciplinary research fields.

Chemometrics Software

  • Imaging-Model Analysis

    Imaging-Model Analysis analyzes spectral data using the multivariate analysis technique. In addition to the items that can be analyzed with the standard analysis programs, quantitative and qualitative analysis can be executed by using the five multivariate analysis techniques, including Classical Least Square (CLS), Principal Component Regression (PCR), Partial Least Square (PLS), Principal Component Analysis (PCA), and Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR) techniques.

Protein Structure Software

Particle Search and Identification Software

Spectra Search Software

  • KnowItAll®

    Wiley’s KnowItAll® Informatics System, JASCO Edition with a library of 650 Raman and 12,000 chemical and polymer spectra is standard (except LE versions), including free access (for 90 days after software activation) to the entire spectral library database with 15,000 Raman and 260,000 IR spectra.