For transmittance measurement with IR microscopy, to obtain a good spectrum, the following conditions are required.

• Sample thickness less than 10 μm
• Surface at measurement point is flat

The diamond window has hardness far superior to KBr which is often used, so that even for hard samples, the JDW-200/300 can crush and stretch sample for better spectra.


Holder Size13 mm diameter
Refractive Index2.38 (1000 cm-1)
MaterialSynthetic diamond IIa type with high quality
(Impurity content: less than 0.5 ppm)
Parallelism (arc. min.) Less than 5
Surface RoughnessLess than 1 µmRmax
Hardness10 (Mohs hardness)
Diamond SizeJDW-200 2.5 mm dia. x 0.5 (t) mm
JDW-300 3.5 mm dia. x 0.5 (t) mm