Remote Measurement using FP-8500 Fluorometer with Optical Fiber

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FP-8500 Spectrofluorometer
FP-8500 Spectrofluorometer

A fluorometer with optical fiber can be used for a variety of measurements, such as when the sample is larger than the sample chamber, to follow an in-situ reaction, or for measurement in hazardous environments, such as high/low temperature and high pressure. The OBF-832 optical fiber interface is used to connect an optical fiber for remote sampling of fluorescence materials with an FP-8000 Series fluorescence spectrophotometer. By using an optical fiber, measurement can be made by holding the probe close to or immersed in the sample.

In this application note, a comparison was made by measuring samples using an FP-8500 fluorometer with optical fiber and an FLH-809 film holder. To check for spectral accuracy the fiber probe was corrected for quantum efficiency using a calibrated light source with a validated spectral emission.


Measurement System and Condition

FP-8500Fluorescence spectrophotometer
OBF-832Optical fiber unit
CalibrationESC-842 Calibration light source / standard white reference plate
SamplesRed and Yellow reference cards

System Configuration

Measurement of the Calibrated Light Source under Dark Room Condition

Measurement of the Calibrated Light Source under Dark Room Condition

Measurement Condition
Figure 1. Measurement system

Measurement Condition

Measurement ModeFluorescence
Excitation Bandwidth10 nm
Emission Bandwidth 10 nm
Excitation Wavelength310 nm
Measurement Range400 - 800 nm
Scan Speed100 nm/min
Data Interval0.5 nm
Response1 sec
PMT Voltage350 V (yellow card), 550 V (red card)


Spectrofluorometer, Optical fiber, Fluorescence spectrum, fluorescence spectrophotometer


Figures 2 and 3 show the measurement results. The profiles of the spectra of each colored sample measured using both the optical fiber and FLH-809 film holder were consistent with each other.

These results demonstrate that the spectral accuracy obtained using both the fiber probe and film holder yield comparable data.

Normalized fluorescence spectra of the yellow card
Figure 2. Normalized fluorescence spectra of the yellow card


Normalized fluorescence spectra of the red card
Figure 3. Normalized fluorescence spectra of the red card

Required Products and Software

  • FP-8300/8500/8600/8700 Spectrofluorometer
  • OBF-832 Optical Fiber Unit
  • ESC-842 Calibrated WI Light Source

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About the Author

Toshifumi Uchiyama is a member of the electronic spectroscopy team located at the JASCO main laboratory in Tokyo