Near-Infrared Phosphor Measurement

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FP-8700 Spectrofluorometer

Near-infrared fluorescence labels are currently attracting the attention of the scientific community due to their wide range of biological applications. These labels are ideal for biological studies since biomolecules absorb very little in the near-infrared region. NIR fluorescence labels have shown no adverse effects in vivo and are highly stable.

This application note illustrates how the FP-8700 is used to obtain fluorescence spectra and quantum yields of phosphors in the near-infrared spectral region.


Measurement Conditions

Emission Wavelength883 nmExcitation Wavelength600 nm
Emission Bandwidth10 nmExcitation Bandwidth10 nm
Excitation Bandwidth10 nmEmission Bandwidth10 nm
Scan Speed500 nm/minScan Speed500 nm/min
Response Time0.5 secResponse Time0.5 sec
Data Interval0.2 nmData Interval0.2 nm
Sensitivity600 VSensitivity600 V


FP-8700, ESC-842 Calibrated WI light source, ILF-890 Integrating sphere, FPA-810 Powder measurement block, PSH-101 Powder cell, Fluorescence, Near-infrared, Quantum yield


The excitation spectra of YVO4:Nd3+ and YVO4:Nd3+, Yb3+ are shown in Figure 1 and the peaks are labeled with their corresponding excited state transitions from the ground state of Nd3+ (4I9/2).

Figure 1. Excitation spectra of YVO4:Nd3+ (blue) and YVO4:Nd3+, Yb3+ (red).

The fluorescence spectra of YVO4:Nd3+ and YVO4:Nd3+, Yb3+ are shown in Figure 2 and the peaks are labeled with their corresponding transition states from the excited states of Nd3+ (4F3/2) and Yb3+ (2F5/2).

Figure 2. Fluorescence spectra of YVO4:Nd3+ (blue) and YVO4:Nd3+, Yb3+ (red).

The quantum yields of both YVO4:Nd3+ and YVO4:Nd3+, Yb3+ were calculated and shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Quantum yield results.

Absorbance (%)External Quantum YieldInternal Quantum Yield
YVO4:Nd3+, Yb3+21.012.459.1


This application note uses a FP-8700 to obtain fluorescence measurements in the NIR spectral region. This data is used to characterize near-infrared phosphors, which can later be used as fluorescent labels in biological studies.

Required Products and Software

  • FP-8700 Spectrofluorometer
  • FPA-810 Powder Sample Cell Block
  • PSH-101 Powder Sample Cell
  • ESC-842 Calibrated WI Light Source
  • ILF-835 100 mm dia. Integrating Sphere
  • KBr Plate Sample Holder
  • FWQE-880 Quantum Yield Calculation program

About the Author

Leah Pandiscia received her PhD from Drexel University where she studied Biophysical Chemistry. She is a Spectroscopy Applications Scientist at JASCO.