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Hybrid Self-Assembling Peptide/Gelatin Methacrylate (GelMA) Bioink Blend for Improved Bioprintability and Primary Myoblast Response


Organ fabrication as the solution to renewable donor demands requires the ability to spatially deposit viable cells into biologically relevant …

Carlos Morillo

Vibrationally Induced Photophysical Response of Sr2NaMg2V3O12:Eu3+ for Dual-Mode Temperature Sensing and Safety Signs


In the dual-emitting Eu3+-activated Sr2NaMg2V3O12 garnet, vibrationally induced thermometric response and thermochromic luminescence are investigated for the first time. Based …

Carlos Morillo

Thermally Stable and High-Mobility Dithienopyran-Based Copolymers: How Donor–Acceptor- and Donor–Donor-Type Structures Differ in Thin-Film Transistors

2021 / Small Structures

Although rapid and remarkable progress has been made in semiconducting polymers used in organic field-effect transistors (OFETs), the development of …

Carlos Morillo

Genetically Encoding Light-Responsive Protein-Polymers Using Translation Machinery for the Multi-Site Incorporation of Photo-Switchable Unnatural Amino Acids


A general and versatile technology to engineer light-responsive protein-based biomaterials can enable the manipulation and interrogation of proteins, pathways, and …

Carlos Morillo

Polyether-Based Diblock Terpolymer Micelles with Pendant Anthracene Units—Light-Induced Crosslinking and Limitations Regarding Reversibility

2021 / Macro Molecular Rapid communications

The synthesis of 9-methylanthracenyl glycidyl ether (AnthGE) as a crosslinkable monomer that can be applied in anionic ring opening polymerization …

Carlos Morillo

Development of purification process for dual-function recombinant human heavy-chain ferritin by the investigation of genetic modification impact on conformation

2021 / Engineering in Life Science

Ferritin is a promising drug delivery platform and has been functionalized through genetic modifications. This work has designed and expressed …

Carlos Morillo

Transcriptional activation of rice CINNAMOYL-CoA REDUCTASE 10 by OsNAC5, contributes to drought tolerance by modulating lignin accumulation in roots

2021 / Plant Biotechnology Journal

Drought is a common abiotic stress for terrestrial plants and often affects crop development and yield. Recent studies have suggested …

Carlos Morillo
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