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Synthesis of free-standing CoxP/Co3(PO4)2/C composite nanofiber mats and their characteristics as multi-functional interlayers for lithium–sulfur batteries

2022 / Chem Electro Chem

The free-standing c obalt phosphides-based composite nanofiber mats with different compositions (Co y P/C, Co x P/Co 3 (PO 4 …

Carlos Morillo

Differentiable Formation of Chiroptical Lanthanide Heterometallic LnnLn’4-n(L6) (n=0–4) Tetrahedra with C2-Symmetrical Bis(tridentate) Ligands

2022 / Chemistry A European Journal

Construction of lanthanide heterometallic complex is important for engineering multifunction molecular containers. However, it remains a challenge because of the …

Carlos Morillo

Resolving Ultrafast Photoinitiated Dynamics of the Hachimoji 5-Aza-7-Deazaguanine Nucleobase: Impact of Synthetically Expanding the Genetic Alphabet

2022 / Photochemistry and photobiology

The guanine derivative, 5-aza-7-deazaguanine (5N7CG) has recently been proposed as one of four unnatural bases, termed Hachimoji (8-letter) to expand …

Carlos Morillo

Optimal Composition of Li Argyrodite with Harmonious Conductivity and Chemical/Electrochemical Stability: Fine-Tuned Via Tandem Particle Swarm Optimization

2022 / Advanced Science

A tandem (two-step) particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is implemented in the argyrodite-based multidimensional composition space for the discovery of …

Carlos Morillo

Characterization of interaction between blood coagulation factor VIII and LRP1 suggests dynamic binding by alternating complex contacts

2022 / Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis

Deficiency in blood coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) results in life-threating bleeding (hemophilia A) treated by infusions of FVIII concentrates. To …

Carlos Morillo

Polyazaacene and Cyclazaacene Precursors Synthesized by Dehydration Condensation from a Versatile Bis-α-diketone Unit Having an Anthracene Skeleton

2022 / European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Azaacenes are acene analogs containing nitrogen atoms in their carbon-based molecular skeletons and are attracting significant attention because of their …

Carlos Morillo

Hydrogen peroxide induces heme degradation and protein aggregation in human neuroglobin: roles of the disulfide bridge and hydrogen-bonding in the distal heme cavity

2022 / FEBS Journal

In the present study, human neuroglobin (hNgb) was found to undergo H2O2-induced breakdown of the heme center at a much …

Carlos Morillo
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