Designed CXCR4 mimic acts as a soluble chemokine receptor that blocks atherogenic inflammation by agonist-specific targeting

2020 / Nature Communications

Targeting a specific chemokine/receptor axis in atherosclerosis remains challenging. Soluble receptor-based strategies are not established for chemokine receptors due to …

Carlos Morillo

Protrudin and PDZD8 contribute to neuronal integrity by promoting lipid extraction required for endosome maturation

2020 / Nature Communications volume 11, Article number: 4576 (2020)

Endosome maturation depends on membrane contact sites (MCSs) formed between endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and endolysosomes (LyLEs). The mechanism underlying lipid …

Heather Haffner

Self-defect-passivation by Br-enrichment in FA-doped Cs1−xFAxPbBr3 quantum dots: towards high-performance quantum dot light-emitting diodes

2020 / Scientific Reports volume 10, Article number: 14758 (2020)

Halide vacancy defect is one of the major origins of non-radiative recombination in the lead halide perovskite light emitting devices …

Heather Haffner

Ultrafast synthesis of carbon quantum dots from fenugreek seeds using microwave plasma enhanced decomposition: application of C-QDs to grow fluorescent protein crystals

2020 / Scientific Reports volume 10, Article number: 12333 (2020)

Herein, we present the rapid synthesis of mono-dispersed carbon quantum dots (C-QDs) via a single-step microwave plasma-enhanced decomposition (MPED) process. …

Heather Haffner

An amine functionalized ZnCr LDH/MCM-41 nanocomposite as efficient visible light induced photocatalyst for Cr(VI) reduction

2020 / Materials Today: Proceedings

Achieving photocatalytic carcinogenic hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) reduction by utilising a visible light promoted semiconductor based nanocomposite is challenging as a …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Water soluble porphyrin as optical sensor for the toxic heavy metal ions in an aqueous medium

2020 / Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Here we report the photophysical and sensing properties of the aqueous solution of meso-tetra(N-methyl-4-pyridyl)porphyrin toluene sulfonate (TMPP) for simultaneous detection of …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Mechanistic insights into heme-mediated transcriptional regulation via a bacterial manganese-binding iron regulator, iron response regulator (Irr)

2020 / Journal of Biological Chemistry

The transcription factor iron response regulator (Irr) is a key regulator of iron homeostasis in the nitrogen-fixating bacterium Bradyrhizobium japonicum. …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Synthesis and characterization of host-guest inclusion complex of β-cyclodextrin with 4,4′-methylenedianiline by diverse methodologies

2020 / Journal of Molecular Liquids

In the present article the host-guest inclusion of 4,4′-Methylenedianiline (MDA) (guest) into β-Cyclodextrin (β-CD) (Host) hydrophobic cavity was done and …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Phosphorous, boron and sulfur doped g-C3N4 nanosheet: Synthesis, characterization, and comparative study towards photocatalytic hydrogen generation

2020 / Materials Today: Proceedings

Phosphorus, sulfur, and boron doped graphitic carbon nitride were successfully synthesized by solid-state calcination of melamine, as precursor of g-C3N4 and …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Detection by fluorescence microscopy of N-aminopeptidases in bacteria using an ICT sensor with multiphoton excitation: Usefulness for super-resolution microscopy

2020 / Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

Bacterial proteases are relevant in pathological processes such as the survival, growth and development of microorganisms. In particular alanine amino …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD