Fluorescence Sampling of Small Volume Liquids

SAF-151 – One Drop Fluorescence Microsampling

Fluorescence Microsamping
SAF-151 One Drop

Easy to use and accurate, the One-Drop accessory is ideal for low volume measurement of proteins and nucleic acids, and can be used for quantitation or simple spectral measurements

Only a single 5 μL droplet is required for the 1 mm path length cell.





Fluorescence microsampling
One-Drop operation






Cuvettes and Adaptors for Small Volume Liquid Measurement

FMM-100 | 3 mm Quartz Fluorescence Microcell
3 x 3 mm cell for sample volumes as small at 50 mL.

FMH801 inserted into FMM-100 (Left) and FMH-802 inserted into FMM-200 (Right)

FMH-801 | 3 mm Microcell Jacket
Cell adapter for the FMM-100.

FMM-200 | 5 mm Quartz Fluorescence Microcell
5 x 5 mm cell – 400 μL volume with a stirrer bar and 500 μL without.

FMH-802 | 5 mm Microcell Jacket
Cell adapter for the FMM-200.