iRM-900 Intelligent Remote Module

The iRM-900 intelligent remote module incorporates a color LCD touch screen to easily access all functions, which can be used for both the FP-8250 and FP-8350. The iRM-900 conveniently guides the operator through routines encompassing data acquisition to data processing. The obtained data can be automatically printed to USB PictBridge printers, or saved to a CF memory card for further processing on a PC.

  • High quality color LCD display
  • Operation using Touch Pen
  • Enhanced quantitative analysis
  • Equipped with instrument validation software
Easy Data Transfer to a PC
Touch-Sensitive Screen

Standard Programs

Spectra Measurement
Time Course Measurement
Quantitative Analysis
Fixed Wavelength Measurement
Phosphorescence Lifetime Measurement
Interval Scan Measurement
Spectral Correction
Relative Quantum Yield
Absorbance Spectra Measurement
3D Measurements

Optional Programs

FRTC-891 | Dual-Wavelength Time Course Measurement
FRTP-892 | Temperature Control Measurement
FRKN-893 | Advanced Kinetics Analysis
FRAP-894 | Fluorescence Polarization Measurement
FRMC-895 | Macro Command