Optional Measurement and Analysis Programs

FWTP-174 | Temperature Control Measurement
This program can be used to evaluate the melting temperature of biological samples. The melting temperature, Tm, is calculated from the results of a time course measurement during a temperature change. The ETC-115 single position or PCT-118 4-position Water-Cooled Peltier thermostatted cell holders are required for use.

FWTS-172 | Temperature Interval Scan Measurement
This program is used to acquire excitation and emission spectra at a defined temperature interval with a temperature controlled accessory such as the ETC-115 single position or PCT-118 4-position Water-cooled Peltier thermostatted cell holders. 

VWKN-772 | Advanced Kinetic Analysis
This program obtains a time course kinetic measurement and plots the data in various graphs, as well as calculates the maximum reaction velocity (Vmax), Michaelis-Menten constant (Km), and Hill constant (n). This program can be used with automated cell holders.

FWAP-175 | Fluorescence Polarization Measurement
The total fluorescence intensity (F), fluorescence anisotropy (r), and degree of polarization (P) can be measured using the FDP-837 automatic polarizer unit, providing auto-depolarization, fixed wavelength measurements or auto-depolarization time course measurements.

FWQE-880 | Quantum Yield Calculation
Calculates the quantum yield of a sample with the use of an integrating sphere as well as the ESC-142 calibrated light source (WI).

*Excludes the FP-8250/8350

FWTC-173 | Dual-Wavelength Time Course Measurement
Enables time course measurements of the ratio of fluorescence intensities at two different wavelengths for either the excitation or emission. The calcium concentration calculation function in the program can also calculate the change in concentration of an intracellular ion.

FWFC-178 | Fluorescence Object Color Measurement
Enables evaluation of fluorescent sample color (fluorescent objective color) using the ISF-134 60 mm diameter integrating sphere and ESC-142 calibrated light source (WI). This program calculates the fluorescent sample color using a desired light source when the spectra of the various light sources are pre-registered. Spectral measurements are required in the range wider than 300 – 780 nm for excitation and 380 – 780 nm for emission.

*Excludes the FP-8250/8350

FWLU-179 | Luminous Color Measurement
Obtains the luminescence or emission spectra of light emitting samples using the ESC-142 Calibrated light source (WI). Data analysis includes a colored chromaticity diagram and calculation of the correlated color temperature and color rendering index. 

FWMC-183 | Macro Command
Executes a sequence of pre-programmed operations automatically, including parameter setting, measurements, analysis and printing.