FTIR Standard Measurement and Analysis Programs

FT/IR-4X Spectrum MeasurementSpectra Measurement
Measures the absorbance, transmittance, or reflectance spectrum of a sample. Sequential measurements can also be made on multiple samples, each of which can be assigned different measurement parameters. A customizable flowchart can be used to automate the flow of measurement, data processing, saving and reporting functions.

Check the functional performance of the FTIR spectrometer using a variety of inspection methods, including those required by regulatory compliance. These include wavelength accuracy and repeatability, photometric accuracy and repeatability, resolution, stray light, noise level, and baseline stability and flatness.

Data Compare
Build a library of known spectra and then compare measured spectra for correlation and optionally accept or reject the spectral match based on user criteria.

Daily Check
This simple performance check of the spectrophotometer can be made regularly by measuring the spectrum of a polystyrene standard supplied with the instrument. The statistics are accumulated over a period of time to monitor and ensure continuous optimal operation.