Fluorescence Liquid and Solid Microsampling

One Drop Fluorescence Microsampling

Fluorescence microsampling
One-Drop operation

The One-Drop accessory is used for fast fluorescence microsampling of proteins and nucleic acids. The SAF-850 (FP-8200) or SAF-851 (FP-8300/8500/8600) can be used for quantitation or simple spectral measurements with a sample volume of only 5 μL for the 1 mm path length cell. Simple and accurate measurements can be made with a single droplet of a sample from a pipette.

FMM-100 | 3 mm Quartz Fluorescence Microcell
3 x 3 mm cell for sample volumes as small at 50 mL.

FMH801 inserted into FMM-100 (Left) and FMH-802 inserted into FMM-200 (Right)

FMH-801 | 3 mm Microcell Jacket
Cell adapter for the FMM-100.

FMM-200 | 5 mm Quartz Fluorescence Microcell
5 x 5 mm cell – 400 μL volume with a stirrer bar and 500 μL without.

FMH-802 | 5 mm Microcell Jacket
Cell adapter for the FMM-200.

Solid-State Sampling

PSH-002/102/103 | Optional Cells for FPA-810

PSH-002/102/103 | Powder Cells for FPA-810
Thickness ranges from 0.5 to 4 mm. Cell diameters are as follows: PSH-002 16 mm, PSH-102 8 mm, PSH-103 5 mm.

250BP30 | Optional Bandpass Filter
This bandpass filter can be mounted on a holder located on the excitation side of the solid sample block. The center wavelength is 250 nm, and half bandwidth is 30 nm, with a 5 mm thickness and 25 mm cell size.

FDA-808 | Solid Sample Holder
Used for solid and powder sample measurements.

FLH-809 | Film Holder
Used for films and solid sample measurements.

FPA-810 | Powder Sample Cell Holder
Used for powder sample and micro powder sample measurements.

Incident Angle30 deg.
Solid SampleMin. Sample Size25 (H) x 25 (W) mm12 (H) x 12 (W) mm-
Max. Sample Size50 (H) x 50 (W) mm-
Sample Thickness10 mm or less18 mm or less-
Powder SampleStandard CellFP-1061 Powder sample cell-PSH-101 Powder sample cell
Cell Holder Sizeϕ20.5 mm, thickness 1 mm (with spacer)-ϕ12 mm, thickness 1 mm (with spacer)