In Vitro and in Silico Studies of 7′′,8′′-Buddlenol D Anti-Inflammatory Lignans from Carallia Brachiata as P38 MAP Kinase Inhibitors

2023 / Scientific Reports

Excessive macrophage activation induces the release of high levels of inflammatory mediators which not only amplify chronic inflammation and degenerative …

Carlos Morillo

Biocatalyst collection and heterologous expression of sesquiterpene synthases from basidiomycetous fungi: Discovery of a novel sesquiterpene hydrocarbon

2022 / Microbial Biotechnology

Basidiomycetes produce a wide variety of sesquiterpenoids, which attract significant interest in pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Structural diversification of sesquiterpenoids …

Carlos Morillo

Collective total synthesis of C4-oxygenated securinine-type alkaloids via stereocontrolled diversifications on the piperidine core

2022 / Nature Communications

Securinega alkaloids have fascinated the synthetic chemical community for over six decades. Historically, major research foci in securinega alkaloid synthesis …

Carlos Morillo

Oviposition stimulants underlying different preferences between host races in the leaf-mining moth Acrocercops transecta (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)

2022 / Scientific Reports

The importance of plant chemistry in the host specialization of phytophagous insects has been emphasized. However, only a few chemicals …

Carlos Morillo

In vitro characterization of iridoid and phenylethanoid glycosides from Cistanche phelypaea for nutraceutical and pharmacological applications

2022 / Phytotherapy Research

“Desert hyacinths” are a remarkable group of parasitic plants belonging to genus Cistanche, including more than 20 accepted species typically …

Carlos Morillo

Discovery, total syntheses and potent anti-inflammatory activity of pyrrolinone-fused benzoazepine alkaloids Asperazepanones A and B from Aspergillus candidus

2022 / Communications Chemistry

Natural products are well established as an important resource and play an important role in drug discovery. Here, two pyrrolinone-fused …

Carlos Morillo

Synthesis, resolution, and absolute configuration determination of a vicinal amino alcohol with axial chirality. Application to the synthesis of new box and pybox ligands

2022 / Chirality

New racemic vicinal amino alcohol derivatives with 4-benzylidenecyclohexane skeleton and axial chirality have been prepared. A preparatively easy and efficient …

Carlos Morillo