ATR PRO ONE VIEW is an ATR that allows you to observe a sample. Unlike the conventional macro ATR, the measurement site on the sample can be clearly confirmed during measurement, so the sample can be set reliably.



ATR Prism

Monolithic diamond is used for the prism, and a high-efficiency diamond prism with improved throughput by coating the prism surface with an antireflection film and a wide-area diamond prism that can measure low waves without an antireflection film are available. .. It also supports ZnSe and Ge prisms as an option (not observable).

ATR Software

Observation images can be displayed on a PC by using a dedicated program. It is equipped with functions such as saving the observed image together with the spectrum data and measuring the sample size.

Observation software
Figure 2. Sample observation using a dedicated program

ATR Hardware

By adopting a unique lighting method and observation optical system, it is possible to observe the sample with a wide field of view and high definition.

Gold powder in cosmetology cream
Figure 3. Gold powder in cosmetology cream

Analysis of False Eyelashes

Figure 4 shows an example of measuring commercially available false eyelashes using ATR PRO ONE VIEW. Eyelashes with a width of about 300 µm can be set securely. In addition, the contained components are identified from each measured spectrum.

IR spectrum of commercially available false eyelashes
Figure 4. IR spectrum of commercially available false eyelashes

ATR PRO ONE VIEW Specifications

ATR Prism Diamond (High-throughput type and Wide-band type). ZnSe, Ge (without image)
ATR/Sample Contact Area2.5 mm diameter (ZnSe, Ge)
1.8 mm diameter (Diamond)
No. of Reflections1
Angle of Incidence 45°
Pressure400 kg/cm2 (ZnSe, Ge)
700 kg/cm2 (Diamond
SoftwareReal-time image and recording in data file with Spectra Manager™