Sample Sealed Single Reflection ATR


ATR PRO 550S-S is measurements under anaerobic conditions. This ATR is a sample-sealed single-reflection ATR. This ATR PRO550S-S has a sample shield mechanism that enables measurement of anaerobic samples even outside a glove box.

Figure 1. ATRPRO550S-S

Sample Shield Mechanism

As shown in Figure 2, a shield is attached to the measurement site to protect the sample and prism from the outside air. Therefore, it is possible to evaluate the redox state of the electrode surface of a lithium-ion battery that is susceptible to oxidation from the air. It is also suitable for measuring anaerobic metal complexes and hygroscopic samples.

Sample shield mechanism
Figure 2 Sample shield mechanism

Measurement Flow

The top plate of ATR PRO 550S-S can be removed. Therefore, even in cases where the ATR body cannot be directly carried into the glove box, only the compact top plate can be carried into the glove box. The sample is placed on the top plate that has been carried into the glove box, the area around the sample is sealed with a shield cap, taken out of the glove box, and the top plate is attached to the main body again to complete the measurement preparation. Usability is the same as general other ATR accessories. It can also be used as a normal ATR.

Glove Box for FTIR

The FTIR glove box is used by attaching it to the FTIR body. The inside of the glove box can be replaced with an inert gas such as nitrogen gas or argon gas. And various accessories can be used in it.

Glove box for FTIR
Figure 4 Glove box for FTIR