Electrochemical ATR

Overview of an Electrochemical ATR

Investigating the products produced by electrochemical reactions and their production process plays a very important role in research such as the catalytic ability.

The Electrochemical ATR accessory is equipped with an electrochemical cell to measure substances adsorbed on the electrode surface by an electrochemical reaction.

Electrochemical cell installation
Figure 1. Installation of an electrochemical cell

How the Electrochemical ATR works?

ECC-450 uses the three-electrode method as an electrochemical cell. In the cell, the prism holder that comes into contact with the electrolytic solution is one of the electrodes, and the other electrode and the reference electrode are also incorporated.

The prism holder is made of stainless steel plated with gold. The material of the electrode and reference electrode can be selected from gold, platinum, copper, aluminum, etc., and can be used for a wide range of measurements.

Inside the electrochemical cell
Figure 2 Inside the electrochemical cell

In addition, the distance between the prism holder and the other electrode can be adjusted with the micrometer head, allowing experiments to be performed accurately and with high reproducibility.