Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Conformational Flexibility in Terpenes: Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD), Infrared and Raman Study of S-(−)-Perillaldehyde

2008 / The Journal of Physical Chemistry A

S-(−)-Perillaldehyde (4-isopropenylcyclohex-1-ene-1-carbaldehyde) is a secondary metabolite and an atmospheric pollutant obtained from the oxidation of other terpenes, as limonene and …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Conformational landscape and hydrogen bonding in (S)-(−)-perillyc acid: experimental VCD, IR, Raman, and theoretical DFT studies

2012 / Tetrahedron: Asymmetry

(S)-(−)-Perillyc acid (4-isopropenylcyclohexene-1-carboxylic acid) is an intermediate in the limonene and pinene pathway degradation and its measurement in urine is …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Conformational landscape of l-threonine in neutral, acid and basic solutions from vibrational circular dichroism spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations

2013 / Tetrahedron: Asymmetry

The biological relevance of amino acids is well known. They can be used as zwitterionic, cationic or anionic forms according …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Self-directing chiral information in solid–solid transformation: unusual chiral-transfer without racemization from amorphous silica to crystalline silicon

2017 / Nanoscale Horizons

Constructing novel chiral inorganic nanomaterials is an emerging branch in chirality research. In this work, by employing a solid magnesiothermic …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Sol–gel synthesis of ladder polysilsesquioxanes forming chiral conformations and hexagonal stacking structures

2009 / Journal of Materials Chemistry

Ladder polysilsesquioxanes containing ammonium chloride and chiral groups as side-chains were prepared by sol–gel copolycondensation of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane and chiral organotriethoxysilane under acidic conditions, forming …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Asymmetric Diels–Alder Reaction of α‐Substituted and β,β‐Disubstituted α,β‐Enals via Diarylprolinol Silyl Ether for the Construction of All‐Carbon Quaternary Stereocenters

2016 / Chemistry a European Journal

The asymmetric Diels–Alder reaction of α‐substituted acrolein proceeds in the presence of the trifluoroacetic acid salt of trifluoromethyl‐substituted diarylprolinol silyl …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Incensfuran: isolation, X-ray crystal structure and absolute configuration by means of chiroptical studies in solution and solid state

2017 / Royal Society of Chemistry

A new cembrane diterpene named incensfuran (1), biogenetically derived from incensole (2), was isolated from crude extracts of the Boswellia papyrifera Hochst. …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Colletopyrandione, a new phytotoxic tetrasubstituted indolylidenepyran-2,4-dione, and colletochlorins G and H, new tetrasubstituted chroman- and isochroman-3,5-diols isolated from Colletotrichum higginsianum

2017 / Tetrahedron

A new tetrasubstituted indolylidenepyrandione named colletopyrandione (1), together with a tetrasubstituted chroman- and a tetrasubstituted isocroman-3,5-diol, named colletochlorins G and …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Unexpected “Hammerlike Liquid” to Pulverize Silica Powders to Stable Sols and Its Application in the Preparation of Sub-10 nm SiO2 Hybrid Nanoparticles with Chirality

2017 / ACS Omega

Silane coupling agents are well-known as surface modifiers for various kinds of silica (SiO2). However, in the present research, it …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD