Differentiable Formation of Chiroptical Lanthanide Heterometallic LnnLn’4-n(L6) (n=0–4) Tetrahedra with C2-Symmetrical Bis(tridentate) Ligands

2022 / Chemistry A European Journal

Construction of lanthanide heterometallic complex is important for engineering multifunction molecular containers. However, it remains a challenge because of the …

Carlos Morillo

Characterization of interaction between blood coagulation factor VIII and LRP1 suggests dynamic binding by alternating complex contacts

2022 / Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis

Deficiency in blood coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) results in life-threating bleeding (hemophilia A) treated by infusions of FVIII concentrates. To …

Carlos Morillo

Intrinsically fluorescent polyureas toward conformation-assisted metamorphosis, discoloration and intracellular drug delivery

2022 / Nature Communications

Peptidomimetic polymers have attracted increasing interest because of the advantages of facile synthesis, high molecular tunability, resistance to degradation, and …

Carlos Morillo