IRT-5000 FTIR Microscope

The IRT-5000 Series of FTIR microscopes provide new functions that dramatically improve infrared micro-spectroscopic analysis. The IRT-5000 microscope is used with either the FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 Series spectrometers, combining both micro and macro FTIR measurement, offering the most advanced microscopy and imaging systems. The systems are typically used in the mid-IR for materials identification and forensic analysis or in the near- and far-IR for more fundamental research.

System Description

The IRT-5000 FTIR Microscope includes an automatic carousel with a choice of cassegrains and refractive elements for observation and measurement. A mid-band MCT detector is included (with option for a high sensitivity peltier cooled DLaTGS detector). Up to two detectors can be installed to expand the spectral range of the microscope. The unique IQ Mapping function can be used for Transmission/Reflectance or ATR mapping without requirement to move the sample stage. An optional automatic XYZ sample stage with auto-focus can be used for sample or mapping analysis of a larger sample area. The addition of a linear array MCT detector provides very high speed mapping and imaging especially useful for dynamic experiments.

System Features

  • IQ Mapping without moving sample stage
  • Spectra Manager™ Suite
  • KnowItAll® Informatics and library search
  • Purge (Standard) Full vacuum (Option)
  • Optional Rapid Scan with interval analysis software
  • Manual or automatic stage with temperature control (cryo cooling and heating)
  • Dual detector capability and user exchangeable detectors
  • Carousel with multiple objective capability and automatic switching
  • Exceptional visual observation clarity
  • IQ Monitoring for simultaneous observation of the spectrum and sample image
  • Spectrum preview to check conditions before measurement
  • Data file includes sample image and aperture information

IRT-5100: FTIR Microscope

The IRT-5100 is a general purpose FTIR microscope with a standard DLATGS detector (liquid N2 cooling not required), it can also be fitted with a second MCT detector. An optional automatic XYZ stage with autofocus is used for mapping analysis and imaging.

  • Dual detector
  • Variety of measurement modes (Transmission, Reflectance, ATR, Grazing Angle)
  • 4 position objective Carousel
  • Optional automatic XYZ stage

IRT-5200: FTIR Microscope

The IRT-5200 FTIR microscope includes a mid-band MCT detector (up to two detectors can be installed). IQ Mapping allows transmission/reflectance and ATR mapping experiments without moving the sample stage. An optional automatic XYZ stage provides auto-focus and mapping or imaging analysis of larger sample areas.

  • IQ Mapping
  • Dual detector, with user exchangeable detectors using a ‘cassette’ system
  • Variety of measurement modes (Transmission, Reflection, ATR, Grazing Angle Reflection)
  • 4 position objective carousel
  • Field upgrade to high-speed IR Imaging System using a 16 element linear array detector

User-Friendly Micro Analysis Measurement Program

Spectra Manager™ Suite provides many automated functions with a simplified operation. Measurement conditions, microscope sample monitoring/control operations and measurement results can be reviewed in a single screen. The dedicated microscope interface provides various types of measurements such as single and multiple points, mapping, and linear array measurements using a single mouse-click for mode selection. Real-time monitoring of the spectrum and a calculated functional group image can be specified during mapping measurement.

Innovative ATR Mapping

The ClearView ATR objective provides a simultaneous sample viewing as the ATR prism contacts the sample and during ATR data collection. IQ Mapping enables automated multi-point mapping, line mapping, grid mapping and IR Imaging analysis of a microscopic area with a manual sample stage and a single element detector.

IQ Mapping coupled with a “ClearView” ATR objective allows ATR mapping and ATR Imaging of a sample in contact with the ATR objective without moving the sample stage or ATR objective, while observing the sample area in contact with the crystal prism. IQ Mapping minimizes sample damage and provides high-speed and cross-contaminant free measurements of a relatively small sampling area.

Purge and Full-Vacuum System

Absorption peaks due to atmospheric water vapor and CO2 can make it difficult to obtain high quality sample spectra. The standard microscope and FTIR optical system includes multi-zone purge to reduce effects of atmospheric gases, but the most effective solution is the measurement of samples in a vacuum. The IRT-5000 series can be configured as a full vacuum FTIR microscope system.

Standard Composition

IRT-5000 Microscope

IRT-5000 Microscope


- Objective Cassegrain (16×, 32×, or 10×)

- Condenser Cassegrain (16×, 32×, or 10×)

- MCT Detector

- CMOS Camera

-Manual Stage
1 set
Spectra Manager™ Suite1 pc.
Sample Plate1 pc.
Micro-Sampling Kit

consisting of:

- Micro Sampling Knife S-type

- Micro Sampling Knife H-Type

- Micro-Needle for Sample Manipulation

- Tweezers for Micro Sampling
1 set
Connection Plate between FTIR and IR Microscope1 pc.
Connection tube (for light path) between FTIR and IR Microscope1 pc.